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Mad Dogs, Health Food, and Blogs

I should be doing grad school work right now; instead I’m listening to Hollywood Undead, thinking about the coffee machine, wondering what will happen to Anita Blake in her next escapade, and sitting in a general malaise caused by the ubiquitous problems: not enough sleep and a lack of intravenous caffeine. Of late I have actually started on a health plan. I know, me? Anyone who has had to ride in my car and wade through the stacked up coffee cups and empty potato chip bags knows that healthy living and my name are not synonymous. I am now eating healthy food with the dirt still on it. I actually ate an apple today. There was no chocolate on it. No caramel. Not even any coffee flavoring or java chips. It’s a strange new world out there.

Now, I am even willingly exercising which so far means taking a mile long walk up the road behind my house. It would be a pleasant walk if it wasn’t for the Hound of the Baskervilles who thinks that I look like a rather nice entrée.  If a dog is giving you a look that intimates a choice between white wine and red wine, then run.

I’ve written a novella set in the DR Congo (Ituri Province) and have been sitting around dreamily thinking of all the things I want to go in that far off future when I actually trek through the thick jungles myself, visit the palaces in the rainforest, see the unexplored caves, the Goma volcano, the pygmy villages, and of course, Kinshasa. Ah, *sigh* love anything to do with Africa, most especially the Congo. The DR Congo and Kenya are the two places that I vow to see someday. I’ve been dreaming of going to Africa all my life, since I can first remember, and the older I get and the more I learn about it the more the fantasy seems to solidify and become possible, hence my acquisition of travel guides and attempts to learn Swahili.

Anyway, the novella will be workshopped in its entire 40-odd pages later this month. Fingers crossed.

And, while I am over here before I disappear for a few more weeks, here’s a link to my newly revamped professional book blog:


Well, I’m back. My friend started writing on his blog, which made me want to write on mine. That and I have a fuck-tonage of homework sitting on the backburner, which is exactly where I want it to remain on this beautiful fall day. As I sit, wrapped in a blanket, shivering in front of the window with a frisky kitty running around my legs, I’m really getting in that holiday, no-school work, zero responsibility, eating and gifting extravaganza kind of mood. Am I just lazy and unmotivated, or is it totally time for Christmas?

In all seriousness though, I really do love grad school – just not when the sun is out, the air has that certain crispness that makes you want to motorvate down to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Latte, and the sky is my favorite shade of crystalline robins-egg blue. Did I mention the processional atmosphere of the trees along the winding road to my house? Also, I’m really having trouble taking my witty first person story and converting it into third person limited distant narrative for the exercise on POV this week. Did I mention it’s due Wednesday?

I’m 40 non-double spaced pages into my novel (smug look here) and am 12 double spaced (ugh, my professor makes me!) pages into my Africa story that manages to shove information about the Congo randomly into an epic tale of a protagonist that I’m having a lot of fun discovering. Indeed, I feel the need to reconnect with that story tonight after finishing off the grad assignment and jamming Lil Wayne a little more.

My question is, should I make this blog into something deep and meaningful that introspects on the meaning of life, love, happiness, and how to program a VCR or should I just log on every now and again when there’s nothing on FarmVille to distract me and I want to complain about the traffic on 270, talk about D&D escapades, discuss such classic and enduring movies as The Blob and Attack of the Killer Leeches, shill my epinions account, and make use of as many expletives as I can conceivably fit on one page? Hmmm, your vote bitches :-D

Weekend Plans

So tired. I haven’t done nearly enough work for this week but I am struggling against a wave of fatigue and apathy like nothing I have ever encountered before. But, on the good side, only four more weeks before school is finished and winter break complete with Epinions and reading tacky horror books begins.

Today I have written one paper for Senior Sem, found a great Christmas present for Christine on Amazon (will order today or tomorrow after I sort out some debit card issues), and am about to write my speaker presentation paper. I have also spent a great deal of time buried under the sleepy kitty cat.

Tomorrow is the day I have been looking forward to for a month. I get to watch Austin Powers (shagadelic baby) with Caitlin (whom I have been missing for three whole weeks, damn school) at noon. Very happy, happy. Then I get to meet with Christine and friends for a Chipotle and Starbucks run and then our resident DM will be teaching us how to play Dungeons & Dragons (which I’ve always wanted to play.)

More work for The Evil One on Sunday and Thanksgiving break will be dedicated to Practicum, Honours paper, one twenty page case study + presentation for Bert, and one 20 page term paper on Lolita. I need serious caffinnee to get though all that. On the good side, I can spend the entire time in my new kitty print pjs while shoveling in the Thanksgiving food, or I could save time and apply it directly to my thighs. Either way, eating binge coming to a theater near you soon.

Back to the grind. Don’t know why I update this thing or write it but I suddenly decided to.

XombieMistress: The Undead Now Control Your World. Do not attempt to adjust your set.

And. . .

. . . saw this in the Giant parking lot today. I'm in love:

Good Tidings

And so, I return. Would have written earlier but Thursday was a vacuous waste of the limited hours of my life with the exception of the thirty minutes I actually got to see Christine. Friday was decidedly better. Slept late and went to Target with mom. My poor debit card is throbbing in agony but I am now the owner of even more earrings (I’ll put them with the other 3,000 or so), a red hat (gonna wear it sometime this week), a Christmas present for Caitlin (ain’t saying what it is, just in case she ever finds this link), and (drum roll) the most unique wooden bowl made of mango wood. The bowl is just a natural shape so it is very jagged and earthy. Of course, I obviously need such an accoutrement to decorate the pig squalor that compromises my private lair.

Also, I got to watch two horror movies with the parents on Friday night including The Shining. Love that movie although I admit it scares me more than I remembered. Lol

Only bad thing about Friday was this chick who I helped for two semesters during school (being practically on call). She got angry because I pointed out that the person who was editing my video in visual media was not editing hers (the same person can’t edit both you see, and I got the best person in class, lucky me).She’s been slyly trying to steal this person away for ages so I pushed back and was actually firm (for once in my life) Result: She bitched me out on the phone and sent “fuck you” among other elegant phrases with similar derogatory terms about a hundred times. It’s sad to see that kindness and love gets you such treatments and, I admit, it does quite hurt my feelings. I’ve never been cussed out that much. Pity. I always felt sorry for her, being new to the school and seemingly friendless. I have the feeling that she has turned the rest of my group against me so, *sigh* going to have to deal with that Monday. Just another reason to hate that class and another reason for me to remember that I simply must stop helping people so much with their school work. Live and learn. The good news: I got the person I wanted. The good news: it may be rough for the rest of the semester in that class, but I’m growing a spine. The good news: only four more weeks and then J-term!!!!

And, drum roll, let’s follow that good news with other good news. I have written 28 pages on my honours project. I’m still worried about it because, hell, I’ve never taken on a project quite so in-depth or academically elevated. But still, I have a substantial amount written and will be seeing Dr. Dodman about it later this week.

And, this coming Saturday, D&D + Chipotle and Starbucks with Christine! Oh, and Bickford, bless his heart, said that I could use my news recording for Farrell to write the assignment for him. The more I write, the more I realize that this week didn’t suck as much as I thought. Today was great too. Went out with Dad for some grocery shopping. Going to read some of Monday’s assignment now and then work on the Practicum.

XombieMistress – the undead now rule your world. Do not attempt to adjust yours set.


Ok, ok, today sucked donkeys. Got up to go to the Evil One's class; spent from 12:30 until 4 filming our news story. The first time we got into position, the construction crew on Broadbeck instantly cranks up a Jack Hammer, sending the camera wobbling and careening. So, scrap that. Put all stuff back together, move stuff to gym lot – which, btw, is across campus. Set up shit there. That’s a good 15-25 minutes fucked there. Start up in the gym parking lot. Asshole with big lawn mower decides that now would be the best time to mow, and mow, and mow. I’m going to find that guy, go to his house, and crank up a lawn mower tonight. . . seriously.

So, we are forced to film anyway. The camera then starts doing some crazy shit. Making weird noises and causing the picture to jump like it was an earthquake. The girl we were interviewing only had about ten more minutes before class so we just had to go with it. So, we have terrible film. It just went down hill from there. We interviewed someone else hoping that we could splice together the interviews – accept we forgot to get the girls name. The audio on both recordings was horrible, a teacher tried to run us out of the only computer lab/classroom on campus that has the software even though we said that we would be quite and do our project in the corner. I took the bitch on, and won. But, as we started to go through the video using ear phones . . . we realized it was total shit. All that you could hear was lawnmowers, leaf blowers, construction, and maybe the occasional hint of a human voice.

So, tomorrow we have to reshoot it plus shoot the other project for the Evil One. These two projects were assigned one on Monday one on Wednesday and both are due Sunday. Fuck my life. Fuck this day. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I feel better now. Everyone must have a Lewis Black moment. And if you, reader who doesn’t exist because no one reads this, don’t know what I am talking about, check out this man’s awesomeness with some moo cow fuck milk:



But, not all bad. I am finally in my pajamas, sitting in front of the fire, cranking music and getting ready to do some reading (The Handmaid’s Tale) which should be enjoyable. Eh, just hope tomorrow sucks less.

XombieMistress the undead now rule your world. Do not attempt to adjust your set.

Ick, so today has been the most enormously frustrating, vacuous, waste of space, shit sucking day ever – excepting of course tomorrow when I have old Beelzebub’s class and the consequent several hours attempting to edit video with Adobe on computers bought before the Dead Sea got sick. Don’t you just love when Windows has preformed an illegal operation and must be shut down?

I skipped my only class today to spend more time working on my practicum and honours paper. I was ok on these two until the Evil One assigned two videos to be produced and edited and turned in by, guess what, Sunday. Fuckin’ A. So far, I have spent hours curled up on the couch, computer blaring explicit rap music, doing research for a particular section on my honours paper. Still haven’t finished the research. Still haven’t written a word. *Eye roll.* Let’s not even talk about the practicum although at least I did my eight hours for last week (oopps, must remember to turn that in . . . )

So far the paper is sitting at 17 pages, but those sections are really quite skeletal. Still, at least Dr. Dodman has been a real angel and told me that I could turn in the rough draft as late as the 17th if I wanted. I’m so glad that I got him as my honours advisor. He is one of my favourite professors. I wish I could have another class with him before I graduate, but alas, ‘tis not to be.  And yeah I, an English major, just ended a sentence with a preposition. HAHAHA. Take that grammar.

The rest of today . . . I just did that :-( Listened to some new Nicki Minaji songs. Planned some shit for Friday; currently attempting to plan a Thursday movie night with a new friend (which, that reminds me, must really get back to that). Ick, darn, I wish I had more time for a personal life. Good news though – Thursday and Friday will rock the fuck out of this week. Even better news, having girls time with mom early Friday before going to Hood to visit friends, so more bonding time (and possibly more shopping). And tomorrow, despite the maniacal plans of the evil one, I still get my lovely morning drive complete with a BP coffee (my morning routine) and I have my Ke$ha CD back in the car. So, good things in the future. Just must somehow survive this week.

Anyway, my Austen books are glaring at me accusingly from the corner, reminding me that I should not be having any fun and Windows Media Movie player is sitting in the corner of my desktop reminding me that I still haven’t touched it (and hence the practicum) since yesterday’s lunch break. So, I depart.

Btw, my friend sent me this video today. Totally in love:


XombieMistress – the undead now control your world. Do not attempt to adjust your set.


Greetings and Felicitations

Yes, yes, I decided after two years to re-open this thing . . . only my old account is well and truly deleted, floating around in the nebulous nothing of cyber-space. But, whatever. I can soon re-fill this with all my rants about the deficiencies of 270, the inadequacies of commuter parking, and the annoyances of college life where professors and administration expect me to assuage my mounting senioritis and random waves of apathy with actual assignments.

I actually used to like writing this shit, so I thought, why the hell not. Might be interesting to look back some day and see what I was like at 22. Of course, it might also be depressing, but never mind. Not sure if I will update this thing regularly or whatever. I already know that no one will read it. Like my long dead journal before it, I shall probably ramp myself up to two hits per year. Ah, all this popularity. It’s a killer. Nevertheless, undaunted, I return mostly because I just have a passion for writing and cannot resist an excuse to indulge myself. Sadly, my personal writing has taken a real slump; this semester has been uber distracting filled with practicum requirements (eight hours per week!!!), honours paper (finally going well, thank God), and the evil one’s class (aka Visual Media). And yes, 270 has followed its usual pattern of keeping me constantly careening to a dead stop as some nit-wit attempts to keep up a conversation on her cell phone while recklessly veering from lane to lane. Life as usual.  I really want a James Bond car equipped with rocket launchers. Just saying. . .

But, some great stuff to record. Fall is upon us. The woods around my house have been exceptionally beautiful and the melancholy/bittersweet aura of Fall has inspired me to (a) switch my car CD’s to the Berzerker, (b) write something that is actually meaningful and touches on the human condition. So far, I have only done one of these tasks (guess which one). But after finals, I shall get around to my writing again and next semester I have Advanced Fiction, so yay.

Also, finally had a relaxing weekend. I just took the whole damn time off. Slept late and everything. Of course, there were still some things I had to do. Last Friday was great. Went to Target with my mom and had some lovely much needed bonding time. I am now in possession of several tons of earrings, a gaudy Christmas mug with happy Santa holding a present (I adore Christmas themed stuff, don’t judge), a fluffy pair of pajamas with kitties on it (shut up, men think its hot, they just don’t want to admit it), a fedora (wore to class today), two necklaces (holy shit, I’m just now realizing how much stuff I got), and . . . ok, stopping there. I don’t want to see the bill for all that. See no evil, hear no evil . . .  

Anyway, that’s all for now folks. I’m suddenly distractedly bored. Who knows when or where I will once again wonder through the mists of cyber space to write some useless prattle over here to bore those few individuals out there with extreme insomnia and a desperation to assuage it.  Must get back to my homework. Busy week ahead. Adieu.

XombieMistress – the undead now control your world.